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Our Story


It is estimated that 70% of businesses with revenues >$1 Million fail to sell.

We are investors and buyers of delisted securities, defunct securities, troubled, insolvent or bankrupt companies as well as insolvent, bankrupt and defunct municipalities.  We believe that purchasing ongoing businesses and municipalities requires leadership and good governance.  We bring proven strategies to businesses.  Our goal is to provide unsurpassed value and exceptional service. We have a long history of working together to execute a consistent investment strategy narrowly focused on innovative building companies into leaders in order to responsibly and meaningfully create shareholder value and investment returns.  

We fix financial problems


We are an acquisitions firm. We have a deep understanding of the process of buying and investing in companies. We also know how to work collaboratively with management teams. 

Our Exclusive Partner


 San Diego Reserve Bank 

You Should Call Us Because Most Businesses Don't Sell

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